Amenities @SVCE

Technology for Classrooms

In the classroom, we use interactive whiteboards thatenable teachers to share online resources and softwarespecifically designed for each individual subject. Electronichandsets for stating opinions make lectures interactive,enabling teachers to post questions and elicit responses atkey points of the lessons.


The students can work on one-on-one basis in the lab.
The labs are equipped, with modern gadgets. The Fully Air Conditioned Computer labs has Network facility, which takes care of Basic Computer training, Linux, Unix, CAD, and major operations. It has more than 600 branded systems with LAN & Internet facility connected with the latest computers.
Institution is equipped with the 750 systems in the campuswhich are being put into use in the campus speaks aboutthe modern facilities available.
State-of-the-art learning technologies bring education toa new level, engaging students in new ways of learningthat are both productive and effective



State-of-the-art synthetic Basketball court, CricketGround, Football Ground, Badmotion court etc.,



We want SVCE to become your home. Not just a greatplace to study but a comfortable and inspiring place tostudy. We understand that accommodation is animportant part of your student experience, which is whywe have invested so much in recent years in top qualityaccommodation to enhance our campus; making it a truehome from home.
We have separate accommodation for boys and Girls.


We have a cafeteria which is neat and clean which is runby Adigas Group.

Access to learning resources 2 4/7
The ability to review and consolidate class work
Access to extension activities for the very best students
Forums for collaborating and sharing ideas online