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Student Welfare and Clubs

Student Welfare

Student Affairs and Counselling office at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering (SVCE) Bangalore is established to facilitate positive behaviour changes, improving the student’s ability to establish and maintain relationships socially, promoting their decision-making process, helping the student to understand their own potential and cope effectively with the problems they face through Counselling Services.

Counselling Services are an integral and essential component of the educational process for all students as they progress through the educational system in Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering (SVCE). The need for these services is dictated by the complexity of the human growth process, the demands on youth and the ever-changing nature of society.

The aims of Counselling services, which are based on a developmental hierarchy, are to provide students with:

  • Opportunities to develop knowledge and an appreciation of themselves and others.
  • Opportunities to develop relationship skills, ethical practices and a sense of responsibility.
  • Opportunities to acquire skills and attitudes necessary to develop educational goals which are suited to their needs, interests and abilities.
  • Information which would enable them to make decisions about life and career opportunities.

Administrators and teachers contribute to the implementation of these aims, both informally and through curriculum, as well as by identifying and referring students who have needs. Specific counselling functions require the intervention of qualified college counsellors and consultant staff.

Student Clubs

One of Integral functions of the Office of Student Welfare and Counselling at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering (SVCE) Bangalore is to support and facilitate Co-curricular activities and opportunities. SVCE students have exciting lives beyond the classroom and student clubs enrich the student experience. Student clubs are student-driven groups that are formally recognized by SVCE, Bengaluru for the purpose of promoting healthy, educational, cultural or social events to club members as well as the community at large. Student groups organize programming on a variety of topics, along with social events and community service. All student clubs are held to SVCE, Bengaluru policies as well as the guidelines outlined in the SVCE, Bengaluru Student Club Handbook. Actions taken by students on behalf of the club may be considered actions taken by the club.

The Office of Student Welfare and Counselling has developed this handbook to:

  • Help student organization leaders successfully organize and manage their organizations.
  • Administer guidance for planning and facilitating programs and events.
  • Inform student club leaders of SVCE Bangalore policies and Procedures.

Student Welfare and Counselling Members

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